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Silver Serpent Stereo Mini Plug to 2 RCAs

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Why our Silver Serpent Stereo Mini to RCA Audio Cable is Better!

  • Award-winning Audiophile-grade audio cables.
  • Risk-free Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Made in the USA of U.S. wire and imported connectors.
  • Exclusively manufactured to BetterCables exacting specifications. They are not the same as similar looking, lesser cables.
  • Great for any mini plug to stereo RCA connection including iPads, iPods, laptops, and other portable MP3 audio devices.
  • Instantly improves your home theater or home audio experience.
  • Built with our award-winning Silver Serpent cable. (Click here to see why we use silver in our cables)

Silver Serpent Stereo Mini to RCA Audio Cable Overview

This is our best sounding stereo mini plug audio interconnect to date. It is an outstanding Silver-Copper hybrid analog interconnect that is sonically revealing without the harshness associated with most pure silver interconnects. Silky-smooth audio using our advanced precision conductors and extremely-low capacitance measurements. This stereo mini-plug audio cable features dual conductor, 99.999% pure silver coated conductors. The cable is flexible and physically small in diameter-but huge in sonic performance.

Whether in our corporate demo room, our custom theater for shows, or in my personal home theater, I trust BetterCables products to deliver the best audio and video performance from our products.

Jeff Talmadge (Director, Product Development & Systems Integration, DENON Electronics)

Silver Serpent Stereo Mini to RCA Audio Cable Technical Information

  • Features the highest-quality Gold RCA plugs.
  • Uses high-quality stereo mini plug (1/8-inch)
  • Solid-core silver-coated conductors.
  • Low capacitance.
  • Nitrogen-injected hard-cell insulation.

The hybrid construction gives all of the sonic benefits of silver (dynamic high frequencies) and all of the sonic benefits of copper (deep, tight bass response). The combination of silver, low-attenuation, and top-notch quality insulation makes this a world-class audio cable with no equal at ANY PRICE.

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