BetterCables.com is a direct-manufacturer of the best audio and video cables for your home theater or home studio.

Since 1999, our online store has sold tens of thousands of audio cables and video cables. Our Silver Serpent HDMI cables, as well as our Silver Serpent XLR cables and RCA interconnects, have been used in many of the most respected review/reference systems. We have just released our Silver Serpent Anniversary Edition RCA Audio interconnect cables for connecting the latest Blu-ray player, Pre-amp, CD player, or any high-end stereo or multi-channel audiophile equipment. For your Blu-ray player, DVD player, cable/satellite HDTV settop box or high-end video scaler, BetterCables.com has the best cables ready to ship today. We also sell our cables on Amazon.com. See Better Cables products on Amazon.comBetterCables on Amazon.com - most with FREE Amazon Prime shipping. We also make the outstanding Silver Serpent Reference guitar cable. This instrument cable offers outstanding clarity and tone for electric guitars and basses.

Unbeatable Audio Video Cable Performance

Our cables are used in post-production facilities, television studios, high-end corporate demo rooms, and home theaters around the world. Our audio cables use a combination of silver, copper, HDPE to provide sonic accuracy to your home theater or high-end audio system. With only one level of performance, we do not confuse your decision for audio hookup. Our Silver Serpent HDMI cable and Display Magic DVI cable are rapidly becoming the new standard for high-performance digital video cable connections. Our HDMI cables and DVI cables feature LARGE conductors and premium shielding - completely supporting all HDTV resolutions at the lengths we offer - this provides the clearest uncompressed video transfer available.

Great Audio Video Cable Value-Our award-winning cables include our (made in the USA) line of Silver Serpent XLR cables, RCA cables, and guitar cables.

For guaranteed high-performance of your HDMI to HDMI connections, we have our Silver Serpent Reference high-speed HDMI cable or the award-winning Perfect Path locking high-speed HDMI Cable. This HDM1 cable is the most future-proof cable available (see our information regarding High Speed HDMI cable and the HDMI 1.4 specification) and supports all resolutions including 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440p and beyond. BetterCables.com is an authorized Perfect Path locking HDMI cable online retailer. Perfect Path locking HDMI cables feature their patented Gen2 locking HDMI connectors. The Perfect Path locking HDMI cables "lock" into all standard HDMI connections without modification. The Perfect Path HDMI cables are available in both High Speed HDMI and High Speed HDMI with Ethernet configurations. See the Locking Perfect Path HDMI cable page to order lengths from 2 feet to 50 feet. Watch the Gen2 Perfect Path Perfect Lock HDMI connector video to see how the HDMI locks into the socket.

See why Better Cables is among the web's most popular online sources for high-end home theater and home audio cables. (Google BetterCables.com for tens of thousands of results).

If you are confused by the (copy cat) online cable companies, click here see the top 10 reasons to choose BetterCables as your source for high-performance audio and video cables. FREE shipping on cables for US orders. Today's higher end audio video equipment demand higher performance cables. By using proven cable engineering techniques and the highest quality materials, BetterCables.com manufactures cables that will allow you to gain the maximum performance from your equipment.

If you are one of our many thousands of customers, welcome back. If you are new to the site, you'll quickly see why so many come here for all of their cabling needs-including xlr and rca audio cables, speaker cables and more. Our TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ensures you'll see and hear improvements in your system. SUPER FAST SHIPPING AND COMPLETE ORDER TRACKING EMAILS ON EVERY ORDER. Satisfied customers, high-performance, and quick shipping on all of our cables have been our mainstay since 1999.

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