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Since 1999

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Made In The USA and engineered to maximize performance.

  • Selling high-performance audio/video cables direct to our customers - Since 1999

    From our humble beginning at the dawn of the Internet, Better Cables has had only one mission.  To provide the highest quality audio/video cables-sold direct to our customers via the Internet.  No middle man.  No distributors.  This allows us to offer very high-performance cables that rival the performance of much more expensive cables sold through traditional sources.  Our cables are made in the USA-using the best conductors and connectors we could find.

  • We are BETTER cables audio cables feature high-purity silver and oxygen-free copper conductors for high performance audio playback.  Our Silver Serpent line of audio cables are constructed with silver conductors and high-end connectors.  Whether you are using the latest pre-amp, cd player, phonograph, receiver, or high-end amplifier, these audio cables provide unsurpassed sonic fidelity, detail, and clarity.  Better Cables audio cables are award-winning and are used in many reference systems-including many audio/video magazines.  We offer a money-back guarantee that our cables will improve your audio/video system.

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