RCA and XLR Analog Interconnects

RCA Interconnects

The RCA (single-ended) and XLR (balanced) interconnects are designed for many types of line-level applications such as preamps, DACs, transports, and streaming audio devices to other line-level devices or power amplifiers.  This connection is also often used to run a line-level (single-ended or balanced) subwoofer signal to a powered subwoofer. We offer 2 "levels" of performance.  The Silver Serpent RCA Interconnects are outstanding, flexible, high-performance cables, while our Silver Serpent AIR RCA Interconnects offer the best possible audio performance with a solid silver-coated copper conductor and an AIR TUBE dielectric insulation. The Silver Serpent Subwoofer Cable is made from the same high-performace, low-capacitance, well-shielded cable and is great for the subwoofer/LFE audio channels.

(Balanced) XLR Interconnects

We offer 2 "levels" of performance for balanced XLR connections. The Blue Truth ULTRA XLR is our flagship model that features a solid silver-coated copper conductor and audiophile grade Teflon insulation.  The Blue Truth ULTRA XLR is our best balanced XLR with plenty of praise among the Hi Fi community and recognized industry experts. The Silver Serpent XLR is our fantastic price/performance leader and offers unrivaled value.  Both the Silver Serpent XLRs and Blue Truth ULTRA XLRs have a precise 110-ohm impedance-making them perfect for both analog and digital AES/EBU connections. ​

The Better Cables Advantage

Our Silver Serpent XLRs and Blue Truth ULTRA XLRs and Silver Serpent and Silver Serpent AIR RCA interconnects will help you achieve great transparency and detail from your music. All Better Cables analog RCA and XLR cables made in the USA and are hand-terminated, and built with the best materials and shielding available.

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