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hi fi+ issue 201 November 2021  "Better Cables has really come up with the goods with Blue Truth Ultra XLR and Blue Truth USB."
(Alan Sircom HiFi+ Magazine Issue #201 - Blue Truth ULTRA XLRs and Blue Truth Audiophile USB Cable reviews)

hi fi+ issue 188 october 2020 "…a lot of very fine and grain-free frequency extension and insight, a fine midrange with good stereo separation, and a tidy, ordered yet still deep bass…They have some giant-killing properties"
(Alan Sircom HiFi+ Magazine Issue #188 - Silver Serpent AIR Audio Interconnects review)

The Broken Record

"The Silver Serpent Air interconnects are not just great cables for the money. In the right system, they are flat out fantastic for any price."  (The Broken Record - A Guide for the Dedicated Analog Audiophile


Stereo Times “During testing, the bright vocals of Julia Zenko and Jair from this recording are usually a hard nut to crack. However, their reproduction with Silver Serpent cable managed them brilliantly. This cable mainly impressed me with its tonal balance on all frequencies across the spectrum.”


HiFi News “I was so impressed with what I was seeing upon my huge screen, that I was compelled to stay up until the wee small hours of the morning looking at films that I knew inside and out (review of the Silver Serpent VGA and Digital Coax - Craig Crane for HiFi News Magazine)”

Dance Music Northwest #DMNW "We’re seriously impressed with these cables and we’re excited to test out more cables from them in the future!"  (Dance Music Northwest is the region’s largest nightlife website, most-visited EDM magazine, and two-time award-winning media company. #DMNW) 

Enjoy The “So how would the Silver Serpent stack up to my ultra-high-end Kimber?...Quite well actually!”

HomeTheaterHiFi  “I am very pleased at the way they sound, they are extremely well constructed, are made from no-compromise materials, and are incredibly priced.”

Amazon Top Holiday outstanding performance during the holiday season - sales rank in top 25% of all Amazon sellers.

Perfect Vision 2006 Editors ChoicePerfect Vision 2005 Editors Choice Perfect Vision 2004 Editors Choice The Perfect Vision Magazine Editors' Choice Awards recognize the best-performing and highest-value components in home theater-the creme de la creme.”(Perfect Vision Magazine)

Denon Electronics BetterCables Quote   “Whether in our corporate demo room, our custom theater for shows, or in my personal home theater, I trust BetterCables products to deliver the best audio and video performance from our products.(Jeff Talmadge-Director, Product Development & Systems Integration, DENON Electronics)


Stereophile Guide to Home Theater Comment on“ makes the best video cables I've used, BAR NONE!”(Patrick J. Megenity, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater)

Secrets Online Customer Service AwardBest of 2004 - Best Online Customer Service"(Secrets of Home Theater and Hi Fidelity)

Playboy Magazine Picks “Our Favorite Web Brand” (December 2001, Playboy Magazine)

2002 Choice Award YAHOO! Shopping - 5-Star Top Service Award for 5 consecutive years Yahoo! Shopping

DVD Etc. Silver Serpent Cable Review  (RATED 97 of 100!) “The Silver Serpent cable provides a very smooth, noise-free, and clear picture that compares very well to even more expensive component cables.”(Manoj Motwani, DVD Etc. Magazine)

Home Theater Magazine “I review the most sophisticated video products available, and BetterCables are the video cables I use!”(Shane Buettner, Editor-In-Chief- Home Theater Magazine)

2002 Choice Award - 2002 Choice Award

BetterCables Silver Serpent Review's “Best Of 2002” List - The Best High-Performance Audio/Video Equipment You Can Buy

BetterCables Best of 2002 Award “Best Of 2002” - The Best Home Theater Cables

Upcoming Discs - “Don't even think twice if you need new video cables, head over to and load yourself up!” Hall-of-Fame 8-Time Inductee into's Hall-of-Fame - more than ANY other cable manufacturer!

Silver Serpent S-video and Digital Coax Review “Well worth the money. The results speak for themselves.” “Do cables make a difference? If you are using cables, the answer is YES!”

Golden Web Award Winner 2002/2003 Golden Web Award Winner 2003/2004 Golden Web Award Winner-Presented by The International Association of Web Masters and Designers. Presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

Enjoy The “Especially on HDNET, a high definition station on direct TV always broadcasting in 1080P, everything became more three dimensional with more saturated colors. The best word to describe it would be vivid.” “ConsumerREVIEW's CHOICE Award from! Products eligible for the Choice Award have received the highest ratings and most favorable consumer reviews during a one-year period.”

Enjoy The“The Silver Serpent has a smoothness and lack of grain that is akin to a smooth cup of specialty coffee versus the usual mud or grit served at many restaurants.”“I was surprised to hear distinct improvements”

TechnoFile “For once, a company's name seems entirely appropriate.”

Smart Computing “If you're an audiophile or video fanatic, you'll have to try Silver Serpent cables for yourself.”

HomeTheaterHiFi Hometheaterhifi rating “If you are buying a component video DVD player and TV, or already have them, but don't yet have a quality component video cable due to high prices, you need look no further than the Silver Serpent.”

HomeTheaterTalk “Badda Bing! Badda Boom! This is the finest sounding analog interconnect I have ever had in my system! Bar NONE.“(

Obis Reviews “But, if you are willing to spend more to get more, the BetterCables Silver Serpent is clearly the best video cable I have ever used (pun intended).”

BetterCables Silver Serpent Review “If you want to get the best picture quality out of your hardware then you owe it to yourself to invest in these cables.” “'s as if on some molecular level, someone turned the focus ring a click to the right and now all is well.”

BetterCables Ultra Component Video “Bettercables offer quality interconnects that, for almost the same price, deliver unmatched performance when compared to many store-bought cables.” (review of the Ultra Component Video - “But the real winners here are the consumers who can finally get the highest performance for the most reasonable prices.”

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