Balanced XLR Audio Cables

The XLR (balanced) interconnects are designed for many types of line-level applications such as preamps, DACs, transports, and streaming audio devices to other line-level devices or power amplifiers. This connection is also often used to run a line-level (balanced) subwoofer signal to a powered subwoofer. Our XLR interconnects will help you achieve great transparency and detail from your music.

In addition to our excellent Silver Serpent balanced XLR cables, we have recently released our flagship Blue Truth ULTRA balanced XLR cables. Both balanced XLR cables feature silver-coated copper conductors and are suitable for high-end audio or home theater systems.

While the Blue Truth ULTRA balanced XLR cables cost more, they have solid-core conductors, more silver, and an audiophile-grade foam Teflon dielectric insulation-giving you the next level of detail and resolution!

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