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Silver Serpent Balanced Audiophile XLR Interconnects

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  • Our award-winning, best-selling, price/performance audiophile balanced audio (XLR) cable.
  • MADE IN THE USA- terminated with Neutrik XLR connectors with silver contacts.
  • Great for any stereo or multi-channel audio application - including Preamps, Amplifiers, transports, DACS, High-Resolution Streaming Media, DVD, DVD-Audio, SACD, CD, and LP.
  • Instantly improves your home audio or home theater experience.
  • Large silver-coated conductors for guaranteed low-loss connections. (Click here to see why we use silver in our cables)
  • For even better performance, see our flagship Blue Truth balanced audio cables with more silver, silver shielding, and upgraded TFE Teflon® dielectric!



Silver Serpent Balanced Audiophile XLR Interconnects

1.56 feet (1/2m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Anniversary - $149.95
  • 1.56 feet (1/2m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Anniversary - $149.95
  • 1.56 feet (1/2m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Patriot - $149.95
  • 1.56 feet (1/2m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Snake - $149.95
  • 1.56 feet (1/2m) / Single Cable / Anniversary - $74.98
  • 1.56 feet (1/2m) / Single Cable / Patriot - $74.98
  • 1.56 feet (1/2m) / Single Cable / Snake - $74.98
  • 3.28 feet (1m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Anniversary - $169.95
  • 3.28 feet (1m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Patriot - $169.95
  • 3.28 feet (1m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Snake - $169.95
  • 3.28 feet (1m) / Single Cable / Anniversary - $84.98
  • 3.28 feet (1m) / Single Cable / Patriot - $84.98
  • 3.28 feet (1m) / Single Cable / Snake - $84.98
  • 6.56 feet (2m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Anniversary - $219.95
  • 6.56 feet (2m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Patriot - $219.95
  • 6.56 feet (2m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Snake - $219.95
  • 6.56 feet (2m) / Single Cable / Anniversary - $109.98
  • 6.56 feet (2m) / Single Cable / Patriot - $109.98
  • 6.56 feet (2m) / Single Cable / Snake - $109.98
  • 9.84 feet (3m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Anniversary - $279.95
  • 9.84 feet (3m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Patriot - $279.95
  • 9.84 feet (3m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Snake - $279.95
  • 9.84 feet (3m) / Single Cable / Anniversary - $139.98
  • 9.84 feet (3m) / Single Cable / Patriot - $139.98
  • 9.84 feet (3m) / Single Cable / Snake - $139.98
  • 16.40 feet (5m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Anniversary - $389.95
  • 16.40 feet (5m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Patriot - $389.95
  • 16.40 feet (5m) / Pair (2 Cables) / Snake - $389.95
  • 16.40 feet (5m) / Single Cable / Anniversary - $194.98
  • 16.40 feet (5m) / Single Cable / Patriot - $194.98
  • 16.40 feet (5m) / Single Cable / Snake - $194.98


Silver Serpent XLR Cable Overview

Silky-smooth audio using our advanced precision conductors and industry-low capacitance measurements. This audio cable is a dual conductor, twisted pair configuration. It features 99.999% pure silver coated conductors. Balanced lines are the preferred method (for hum free) interconnecting of sound systems using a shielded twisted-pair. The principle behind balanced lines is that the signal is transmitted over one wire and received back on another wire. The shield does not carry any information, thus it is free to function as a true shield. This circuit's shining virtue is its great common-mode noise rejection ability.

The concept here relies on induced noise showing up equally (or common) on each wire. It is mainly due to EMI (electromagnetic interference: passing through or near magnetic fields), RFI (radio frequency interference: strong broadcast signals), noisy ground references, or a combination of all three. Our Silver Serpent XLR cables exhibit exactly equal impedance from each line relative to ground, guaranteeing equal noise susceptibility. Since the balanced input stage amplifies only the difference between the lines, it rejects everything else (noise) that is common to the lines.

Silver is the conductivity KING when It comes to audio cables. Gold is good, copper is great, but silver is the best! Silver Serpents contain silver in the conductor. Silver, a precious metal, is the ONLY metal with a higher electrical conductivity than copper. Silver Serpent Audio Interconnects use 99.999% pure silver. The electrical conductivity of silver is 106% of that of annealed copper on the IACS scale. Even though the cost of silver is much greater than copper, it's sonic benefits are immediately apparent. We also use ultra-pure copper in our Silver Serpent Audio Interconnects. The addition of copper brings “warmth” to the audio sound-complementing the sonic detail from the silver. The Silver Serpent Audio Interconnects strike a unique balance between outstanding performance and cost.

Silver Serpent XLR Audio Cable Technical Information

  • Features audiophile-grade Neutrik Male to Female XLR connectors with silver contacts.
  • Stranded-core silver-coated conductors.
  • Low 13 pF/ft capacitance.
  • Nitrogen-injected hard-cell insulation.
  • True 110-ohm impedance.
  • It also works for digital AES/EBU.

The hybrid construction gives all of the sonic benefits of silver (dynamic high frequencies) and all of the sonic benefits of copper (deep, tight bass response).

  I've played the cable game, with exotic interconnects with 4 figure price tags, and while they all have their individual charms I keep coming back to BetterCables. They do the job, without calling attention to themselves in any way, which is exactly what cabling should do!
John Kotches (Editor PC-Home Theater, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity)

The combination of silver, low-attenuation, and top-notch quality insulation makes this a world-class audio cable with no equal at ANY PRICE.


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