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Blue Truth Audiophile USB Cable


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  • Built-in noise canceling circuitry.
  • Audiophile-grade USB audio cable.
  • Great for any high-resolution USB audio application - including DACs, Pre-amps, High-Resolution Streaming Media, SACD, CD.
  • Silver-Coated conductors for guaranteed low-loss connections. (Click here to see why we use silver in our cables)

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Blue Truth Audiophile USB Cable Overview

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When looking at advanced signals over USB, one would consider it is a direct articulation of 1's and 0's. However, it is more nuanced than that. Under a specific voltage, the signal says: "this is a 0." Above a specific voltage, it says "this is a 1." So, a 1 might be a 3.2 volt signal, and a 0 may be a 2.9. Since information move happens quickly and frequently, it doesn't take much to slant a 1 to a 0, or a 0 to a 1. The computerized signal isn't this arrangement of flawlessly bundled squares, all marked 1 or 0.

Computers are extremely "noisy" on the USB connection and interference is a factor. Things like EMI and magnetic fields become a factor- whatever influences that sign can cause signal deformation. Shielding, high-quality materials, and filtering on a USB cable can help prevent that interference, and make signal degradation far less likely. The result is a much cleaner and better decoding experience for your music.

Discrete filter circuits (capacitors) for both power and data signals are employed at the source (A) end. These greatly reduce noise and data errors that come from most computers and most USB source devices.

Silver-plated copper for the data path to deliver the most accurate signals and which are completely isolated by 2 layers of AL foil and braid shielding.

Blue Truth Audiophile USB Cable Technical Information

  • Precise 90-ohm impedance.
  • Silver-coated conductors.
  • Gold-plated corrosion-resistant USB Type A / USB Type B.
  • High-end foamed HDPE dielectric insulation.
  • Shielded with a combination 100% foil and 85% braided shield to protect against RFI and EMI.

Equipment and Use

  • DAC with USB connections
  • Digital Recorders / DAC with USB connections
  • Computers (Desktop, laptop) with USB connections
  • Mac/PC with USB connections
  • Streaming media players with USB connections
…But what both Blue Truth cables offer is a glimpse into a much bigger world of high-end cable design, with both the XLR and USB punching above their respective weight classes.
Alan Sircom (HiFi+ Magazine - Blue Truth Audiophile USB Cable review)

As one of the first direct-to-consumer high-end audio/video cable manufacturer on the Internet, has continually impressed consumers, reviewers, installers, and electronics manufacturers that use our products.  Our high-tech HDPE dielectric insulation maintains the 90-ohm impedance better than most of the competition (as they use cheaper and much less precise materials).

This is an outstanding silver/copper hybrid digital audiophile USB cable that is sonically revealing without the harshness associated with most pure silver digital cables. Whether you are looking to maximize the dynamics of your home theater system or 2-channel system, you will enjoy silky-smooth audio using our advanced, low-loss conductors, industry-low capacitance measurements, and precise impedance.


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Blue Truth Audiophile USB Cable
5 Feet (1.5 meter) - $169.95
  • 5 Feet (1.5 meter) - $169.95
  • 6.5 Feet (2 meter) - $199.95

Blue Truth Audiophile USB Cable

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