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Flagship Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Cable


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  • Made in the USA of U.S. wire and imported connectors.
  • Award-winning Audiophile-grade audio cables.
  • Exclusively manufactured to BetterCables exacting specifications. They are not the same as similar looking, lesser cables.
  • Great for any stereo or multi-channel audio application - including DACs, Pre-amps, Power Amplifiers, High-Resolution Streaming Media, Blu-ray, DVD, DVD-Audio, SACD, CD.
  • Instantly improves your home theater or home audio experience.
  • High-purity silver coating on the conductor (Click here to see why we use silver in our cables)
  • Neutral sounding interconnect-will not add or subtract from the original sound.

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Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Cable Overview

Our Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer cable is the ultimate subwoofer interconnect. It does everything better than any other cable-a more realistic and focused soundstage, no harshness or listener fatigue, improved bass and mid-bass punch and almost holographic imaging. This cable is a significant upgrade over our original Silver Serpent subwoofer interconnect. The air tube dielectric allows for the best non-destructive material and greater dynamic range than traditional foam dielectrics without loss in linearity making everything sound better: more detail, wider soundstage and improved transparency.

Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Interconnects contain silver in the conductor. Silver, a precious metal, is the ONLY metal with a higher electrical conductivity than copper. Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Interconnects use 99.999% pure silver. The electrical conductivity of silver is 106% of that of annealed copper on the IACS scale. Even though the cost of silver is much greater than copper, it's sonic benefits are immediately apparent. We also use ultra-pure copper in our Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Interconnects. The addition of copper brings warmth to the audio sound-complementing the sonic detail from the silver.

  • The Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Cable offers superior soundstage, with no harshness or listener fatigue.
  • The cable improves bass and mid-bass punch, providing almost holographic imaging.
  • The air tube dielectric allows for a greater dynamic range and improved linearity, resulting in increased detail, wider soundstage and improved transparency.
  • The cable is made with 99.999% pure silver and ultra-pure copper, providing high electrical conductivity and warmth to the audio sound.
  • The Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Cable has a capacitance of less than 14.3 pF/ft, making it an exceptional choice for high-quality audio.

Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Cable Technical Information

  • Solid-core silver-coated conductors.
  • Exceptionally low than 14.3 pF/ft capacitance.
  • AIR-tube dielectric.


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Flagship Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Cable
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Flagship Silver Serpent AIR Subwoofer Cable

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