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Why BetterCables.com?

We know our customers have lots of choices when it comes to buying audio/video cables. So why do they choose BetterCables.com? Since 1999, over 50,000 customers have chosen BetterCables.com as their source for high-performance audio/video cables because they understand how important good cables are, and how important it is to choose a company with integrity and honesty. Our customers know that when they get a cable from us, it will meet or exceed their expectations. So here are some reasons for choosing BetterCables.com:
  • We are a great American company - While we do use some imported connectors, the actual wire and the cable assembly is done in the USA. This is a much more expensive process, but we take pride in manufacturing our products in the US as much as possible. 
  • Our cables are installed in some of the most demanding applications around. BetterCables.com cables can be found in large aerospace applications, movie studios/post-production facilities, game development studios, high-end graphic arts facilities, and in the review systems of nearly all home theater/home audio magazines. We don't always get specific reviews on our cables, but our cables are chosen when the reviewers need the best possible connection for the equipment being tested.
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Since 1999, we have offered this guarantee to ensure you'll be another happy customer.
  • We are trustworthy. We know e-commerce and having been doing business online since 1999. Some of our competitors who offer the cheapest cables have had some MAJOR credit card security breaches. We've heard stories of customers buying the $3.99 cable, only to have his card stolen and have $1500 in fraudulent charges on their statement the next month! So much for saving money on the cable.
  • We are different in that we are a DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER manufacturer. We design and build our own cables and offer them direct to the consumer. We have a very narrow range of products, as we are specialists in the types of cables we sell. The end result is the customer receives the highest quality at the fairest prices. We pride ourselves on being the “VALUE“ leader. You can't get better performing cables for your money than our cables.

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