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Blue Truth Digital Coax

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Why our Blue Truth Digital Coax Cable is Better!

  • Based on our award-winning Silver Serpent Digital Coax cable.
  • Risk-free Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Made in the USA of U.S. wire and imported (Japan) connectors.
  • Instantly improves your home theater experience.
  • Amazing digital performance for High-Resolution Streaming Media, CD Transports, Dolby Digital, DTS and all digital coax connections.
  • Large SOLID-CORE Silver-Coated conductor for guaranteed low-loss connections. (Click here to see why we use silver in our cables)

Blue Truth Digital Coax Cable Overview

If you are looking for the state-of-the-art in digital audio performance, look no further than our Blue Truth Digital Coax. Based on our experience with our award-winning Silver Serpent Digital Coax, we are proud to announce our new flagship digital coax. This cable is capable of extremely high datarates and was designed for serial digital data transmission with minimal Structural Return Loss (SRL). Perfect for all digital audio, including DVD and Blu-ray to a Dolby Digital/DTS processor or outboard DACs.

Blue Truth Digital Coax Cable Technical Information

  • 75-ohm (+ or - 1.5 ohm) - tightest tolerance in the industry.
  • Solid-core 20 AWG silver-coated conductors.
  • 12 GHz bandwidth.
  • Low 16.1 pF/ft capacitance.
  • Velocity of Propagation 83%.
  • Inductance .107 micro-h/foot.
  • CMR rated for in-wall use.
  • Gold-plated corrosion-resistant 75-ohm RCAs (or special order with BNC connectors).
  • Nitrogen-injected HDPE dielectric insulation.
  • Shielded with combination 100% foil and 95% braided shield to protect against RFI and EMI.

The Silver Serpent has a smoothness and lack of grain that is akin to a smooth cup of specialty coffee versus the usual mud or grit served at many restaurants.

Steven R. Rochlin (Enjoy the

Equipment and Use

  • DAC
  • Digital Recorders / DAC
  • DVD
  • Blu-ray
  • Home Theater
  • Home Studio

This cable is capable of extremely high datarates (even SDI) and was designed for serial digital data transmission with minimal Structural Return Loss. This cable is perfectly suited for SPDIF (digital audio) and will compare favorably to ANY digital cable on the market - AND WE GUARANTEE IT.

The combination of timing, low-attenuation, low-SRL makes this a world-class Digital Coax cable with no equal at ANY PRICE.

As one of the first direct-to-consumer high-end audio/video cable manufactures on the Internet, has continually impressed consumers, reviewers, installers, and electronics manufacturers that use our products. We have learned much about digital audio interconnect manufacturing over the past decade. With this knowledge and feedback from our satisfied customers. We use large solid-core conductors to minimize resistance and maintain the required 75-ohm impedance between devices. Our high-tech Nitrogen-injected dielectric insulation maintains the 75-ohm impedance better than most of the competition (as they use cheaper and much less precise materials).

This is an outstanding silver/copper hybrid digital coax that is sonically revealing without the harshness associated with most pure silver digital cables. Whether you are looking to maximize the dynamics of your home theater system or 2-channel system, you will enjoy silky-smooth audio using our advanced, low-loss conductors, industry-low capacitance measurements and precise impedance. The Blue Truth Digital Coax features 99.999% pure silver coated conductors.

  1. Jitter (clock phase noise)
  2. Bit Errors - This usually causes very significant changes in the sound, often loud popping noises but occasionally less offensive effects. Any data loss or errors in either are a sign of a very broken link which is probably intermittently dropping out altogether. Our precision 75-ohm digital coax can minimize these problems.

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